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Thursday, March 15, 2007

web 2.0-Is this a Hype or reality

Web 2.0 –Is this Hype or a Reality
Web 2.0 described as “Web as a Platform” , is a Buzzword making news everyday , It is not a specific technology but implies two step paradigm shift. The definition seems to be out of Sync as it conveys as though the Web was not a Platform earlier and is being viewed as one now, But reading between the definition it is clear that that the Web mattered again after the Bubble and lots of new items were getting added to make the user experience more appealing and further strengthen the power of WebWeb 2.0 is synonymous with Ajax,RSS, DHTML,Javascript,RIA,Flex,Flash ,Blogs etc etc but all these by itself cannot make an effective user experience solution , What the Web 2.0 can achieve is an increased user satisfaction like it can enable Internet users to author their own content. Personalization is another big topic in Web 2.0 ,Blogs which is a big evolution from Web 2.0 is a good way to personalize media content and hence is a good reflection of ones own thoughts . Web 2.0 is all about social computing and is a fusion of Media ,Digital and Web technologiesI think web 2.0 has lots of good things to offer and we need to look at how this can be applied for productivity improvements rather than dismissing this thought as a hype. Google Maps are a good example where their API rich interface allows developers to overlay any data onto any place, The Developers need not bother about the mapping system and populating geographical data but can focus on source and how to overlay it. Although the usage of API’s is not new what is different is definetly the simplicity with which it is built